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About us

HS Bro. Solutions® is a GIS corporation with Production Office in Lahore, Pakistan and Commercial Offices in St Albans, UK and NJ, USA. Founded in 2015 and managed by Hina Saeed & Muhammad Naveed Saeed with an experienced team which is already in this domain since from 15+ years.

HS Bro. Solutions® perfected each step of the acquisition and modeling processes to achieve very competitive results in a minimum of time without sacrificing quality. Over the last 2 Years, HS Bro. Solutions® designed and developed its own IT infrastructure and hired and trained its workforce to scale up quickly (even when a project involves tens of thousands physical entities around the world) and to enable frequent verifications and changes to the meta-data to reflect changes in actual entities maintained in its databases. HS Bro. Solutions® can adapt quickly its formats and schemas to match the specific needs of its clients.

HS Bro. Solutions® is a customer-focused company. We have a strong track record of repeat business from our clients while continuing to win new customers on a consistent basis. Our long-term, time-built relationships with our customers based on confidence and trust are the result of our demonstrated performance in technology fields, industry-specific expertise, product knowledge, along with proven consulting and project management methodologies for each customer and engagement.

HS Bro. Solutions® Methodology

The key to the success of the project passes by the functional organization and also through the constant dialogue between HS Bro. Solutions® and the Customer. This essential communication will be an application by the average following:

Plan of the total project on PERT or another means of management and presentation detailed with the Customer so that the two parts develop a culture of the project together, vocabulary, practices of work, practices of communication, the transmission of formal information and semi-formal, etc. A detailed review of the objectives, cut off dates, deployments of means as of the types of difficulties of envisaging will be made before the beginning of work.

The identification of the decision makers and persons in charge of the Customer HS Bro. Solutions® and will be confirmed with the starting of the project. It will also be determined at that time-frequency coordination meeting, meetings of deliveries, magazines, and quality.

HS Bro. Solutions® prepare a checklist of items for discussion to develop the best solutions tailored to the specific circumstances of the project.

Customer Support Team

The interface between the daily Customers HS Bro. Solutions® and production is carried out by a dedicated team.

This team is available every day from Monday to Saturday, by mail or telephone. Each project is within the team by a project manager who personally controls:

- receptions

- deliveries

- questions and answers between production and Client

- studies and specific development related to the project

- updating of databases tracking project.

A project manager is also responsible for the possible outbreak and monitoring of any escalation hierarchical, following any difficulty unresolved at his level.