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GIS Data Services

We offer Batch vectorization of survey maps that may be of Cadastral, Digitization of urban development and zoning plans (zoning, networks, planning regulations), Photogrammetric restitution, Resetting and continuous assembly of maps to ensure a geographic continuum, Updates of plans, maps, and central survey data, Production and deployment of GIS applications, 3D soft plotting restitution), Topographic surveys and hosting of interactive cartography solutions.

Cadastral Mapping

Having done millions of cadastral plots for different French departments, we are expert in cadastral mapping.

Geo Localized Maps (Indoor/Outdoor Maps) and Data

We have already around 4000 Indoor\Outdoor Maps made which are ready to be converted to any required format or to do any customization. Below are categories of Localized Geodatabase data sets available at HS Bro. Solutions®, we can also provide customized data according to requirement.

- Indoor Database of Major Shopping Malls

- Indoor Database of Major Airports

- Indoor Arenas

- Worldwide Database of cell phone antennas

Utility Mapping

Having a great experience of Public Utility Mapping which includes Gas, Sewerage, Electric, Telephone, Water, etc.


GPS Navigation Maps

We have already made GPS Map of Pakistan which include all roads and POI while as some 400k addresses of 3 main cities (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad). So, the team is already experienced in doing navigation maps with accuracy.

CAD Conversion

We offer CAD conversion, creating civil, architectural maps, drafting maps from raster images.

Data Entry

With the team who is well versed in entering data from any language documents. It takes a common vocabulary of words to understand any document.